50 Bachelorette Party Ideas

Last Night As a Single Woman

Before you get married, you have to make some memories with your besties. Bachelorette parties are a must for the bride's last night as a single woman. The person tasked for planning the party is probably under a lot of pressure to make sure that the bride and all her friends have a night to remember, or to forget, depending how wild it is! You know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  These bachelorette parties should include a theme, decorations, games and scavenger hunts! Good news we have that in one place. Now we want to give you some ideas on what the bachelorette party should look like, maybe 50 of them and then you could decide what you're going to do!

50 Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Wine Tasting

“I Make Wine Disappear, What’s Your Superpower?”. We’ve probably heard this saying many times before and it’s true! What better way to host a bachelorette party, then an old classic wine tasting event. You can host a wine party at your home or go to a local winery! Our Vino Before Vows theme has everything you need in order to have a fun filled wine night! Just make sure that you have a designated driver for the way back to the hotel or home.

2. Go to a Piano Bar

Continue the drinking theme and head to the local Piano bar. Piano Bars are Bachelorette Party Hubs! Many of them offer Bachelorette packages that will make you and the girls feel very special. It’s a classy affair so don’t think that you will get a bit wild. Perfect to bring your mother or your mother in law! if you’re heading out to your local Piano Bar, make sure the girls don’t forget your sashes!

3. Beach Bach

You don't have to only be an alcoholic! Be a beachaholic as well! One of the most popular bachelorette party themes. What better way that to have all the girls and go to the beach, especially if you want to look nice and tanned for the wedding! Our beach bach theme will have everything you need in order to have a fun filled event at the beach!

 4. Bachelorette Spa Day

Feeling a little stressed for the wedding? Not a problem! A great bachelorette party theme would be to gather the girls and head to the local spa for massagas and facials! It would be extra bonus points if the spa you choose serves alcohol so you can have the best of both worlds! Don’t forget to bring your bachelorette bath robe and slippers!

5. Pool Party

Pool Parties, perfect for your bachelorette party, especially if it’s a hot summer day! So go ahead and put on your bikinis, fun sunglasses and party by the pool. Make sure you bring some fun and games too such as our Beer Pong kits or our summer snapbacks!

6. X-Rated Theme

Historically, the most overplayed theme for Bachelorette Parties has been the naughty theme. The goal has always been to have a fun filled embarrasing night for you and the girls.  So bring all the x-rated and embarrasing things you could find such as the champagne penis glass! Better yet, we have a theme of items dedicated to this so you can embarrass the bride easily!

7. Scavenger Hunt

Another old classic is to host a scavenger hunt. Althought this goes well when combined with another theme but you and the girls could split into teams and see if you can complete the outrageous tasks from our scavenger hunt section! Perfect theme for when you’re on a budget!

 8. Bed & Breakfast

Who doesn't love breakfast? The most important meal of the day. A perfect bachelorette party would be to host brunch with the girls from a night of partying! You can do it at home or make reservations at a local restaurant! It's something out of ordinary but will surely be filled with laughter! If you're planning to host it at home, don't forget to check our decoration section.

9. Viva Las Vegas

You know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! The most classic bachelorette party destination!  If you're planning a Vegas trip, make sure that you pre-drink and decorate your hotel room with our sexy and fun banners, "Let's Party Bitches". We have everything you need to have a perfect pre-party before you hit the strip!

10. Photobooth 

If you're looking to get a bit silly, have a photo booth party! Hire a photographer and then checkout all of our photo booth props!  Your choice to shoot outside at the local park or in your own home but one thing is for sure, you'll surely get a laugh with this theme. It's recommended that it's combined with another theme! 

11. Casino Crash

Another great idea is to host a casino night, whether it is with real money and card games at home or going down to Niagara Falls or Vegas to spin the wheel of fortune. If you're planning a night out, make sure you doll up and wear your sashes and tiaras! If you're planning to stay in, we have a deck of cards and poker chips ready for you! Perhaps you'd like some Russian Roulette?

12. Glittery Gold

Turn your apartment or home into full of glitter. We have all the accessories you need in order to do that! The only bad part in regards to this idea is cleaning up after! Check out our gold lettered sashes, gold backdrops and gold trophies!

12. Trouble in the Tropics

An amazing bachelorette theme is go somewhere hot!  Wear your trouble started bach hats and book a vacation! Possibly an all inclusive - check our bachelorette planning guide for some coupons at itravel2000. In addition we have a whole beach bach dedicated to to the beach! No better way to spend your bachelorette than under the sun!

13.  Margaritas & Martini

How about a nice night in learning to mix martinis? Bring the girls over, dress up and then go a bit wild with the drinks! Show off your cocktail making skills with our set! Combine it with the Drunk in Love theme.

14. White Washout

A fun theme is to dress in the most traditional color, white! After all your dress will be white. Pick a theme, invite the girls over and ask them to wear all white. Make sure you combine it with our beautiful white custom sashes!

15. Playboy Penthouse

A sexy theme is to turn your home into an x-rated 18+ girls night. Embrace our 18+ bachelorette theme and enjoy a fun filled evening with laughter and shots! Don't forget our sexy 18+ photobooth props!

16. Sexy Cooking Party

For those who love to watch the Food Network and being in the kitchen! Pick a theme, decorate your home and then invite all the girls to bring their own recipes! We can help with the cookies ;) and the sexy apron! You can even make it a competition!

17.  Rent a Limo

Now this is something that you won't do everyday! Gather the girls, make reservations at the club and ask a Limo to pick you all up at one place! Make sure you ride in style! Check out this website for the best limo rental places in North America, https://www.weddingwire.com.

18. Strippers & Sashes

If the girls are the wild type, a sexy event is to celebrate your bachelorette party at the strip club! Ask the girls to cheap in some money and buy the bride to be a couple of lap dances! Make sure that everyone is wearing their sexy x-rated attire! It's recommended that you pre-drink before you go out! We have some sexy sunglasses and cocktail glasses to start your hilarious night! Cool your alcohol with our penis shaped ice cubes!

19. Visit a Museum

We want to drop the temperature a bit from the last couple recommendations. If the girls are a bit mature and want a relaxing classy night, you can visit the local museum. Some museums are free and some have packages! End the night with a fun scavenger hunt!

20. Truth or Dare

If you're looking for a budget bachelorette party, we have everything you need to stay in and play some games! Check out our games section, especially our fun truth or dare cards! 

21. Road Trip!

A road trip to the local ski lodge, beach or tourist hotspot would be a fun time! Gather the girls, create an awesome playlist and drive somewhere! Make sure you grab some snacks for the road!

22. Movie Night

Another classic theme is to stay in with the girls and watch a chick flick. Determine your theme, decorate your home, buy some snacks and invite all the girls over for a cozy night in! Perfect for those winter bachelorette parties!

23. Pub Crawl

Head out to the local downtown party central and checkout the different pubs and try different drinks! See how many guys can buy you free drinks! That's a task on one of our scavenger hunts! Make sure you dress up for the night out!

24. Art Night

Check out Groupon.com for paint night with the girls. There are some crazy paint night places where they offer you a glass of wine which will allow you to bring out your inner Picasso!

25. Costume Party

Costume Parties are always great! It doesn't have to be halloween for you to enjoy a night of dressing up! Pick a costume theme and let the girls know ahead of time! We have some outrageous costumes if anyone dares!

 26. Jazz Club

A new theme that bachelorettes are embracing is heading to a local jazz club. Get dressed, bring the girls, and head over to the local jazz club for some wine and smooth jazz. Don't forget your sashes!

27. Mermaid Theme

Bring out your inner kid and favorite movies with our mermaid theme. Decorate your home with blue and teal colors! Invite the girls and play some beer pong! Simple and elegant night! We have everything ready for you!

28. Helicopter from the Sky

A great bachelorette party is to take a helicopter ride and get a good view of your city! Each major city has a helicopter service that does this on a daily basis! Do a quick Google search and see if you can negotiate any packages. After the ride, have dinner or drinks with the girls at the local restaurant!

29. Medieval Times

Take a blast from the past and go for a medieval theme. There are some great cities that offer medieval themed shows or renaissance fairs. It's way different than your average day but it'd be a great bachelorette party! Make sure you dress up for it!

30. Fiesta Night

Senorita needs a margarita! Host a fiesta night complete with tacos, Mexican food, margaritas and Spanish music! We have a whole theme dedicated to that. Check it out - from taco holders to cocktail mixers!

31. Red Devil Theme

Have a sexy night as hot as yourself! Dress up in red, red food, red lipstick and a sexy red dress! Make sure you combine it with our sexy devil pitchfork. Ask the girls to wear the same thing and head out downtown! Don't forget your red bride tiara!

32. Be A Princess

We always wanted to be princesses when we were growing up! If the bride is a big lover of Disney movies, then that's probably her case as well! We have extremely high quality tiaras! Let the bride be a princess for a day with these Rhinestone Crystal Tiaras!

33. Nauti or Nice

Get naughty with our nauti theme! Spend a day by the water and be your own captain with our sailor hat! We have custom design beer coolers for all the girls that can be ordered ahead of time! You will probably get tired holding your drinks so check out our flamingo beer holders!

34. Bowling Night

Funky Shoes, Beer & Bar Food. What better way to spend the night? The only thing missing is some laughter from the group of party that you're going to bring! If you're planning to go bowling, call the bowling place ahead of time and negotiate a bachelorette party package! Many bowling allies do offer that!

35. Masquerade Party

Go a little bit mysterious and different with a masquerade party and ball. We have everything you need to jump start such a party. Take a look at our masks and our masquerade lights! Decorate the room and make it interesting.

36. Summer Slumber Party

On a host summer night, get cozy and host a night in with your friends. Stay up all night, eat, drink and play games! We have everything you need to do that. One thing that would be great is our custom face pillows! Grab photos of the girls and send in a order for their faces to be on the pillows!

37. Something Blue Theme

A classic bridal tradition is to wear something blue as blue has been known as the color to give you luck! Ask the girls to wear something blue and then plan a night out or a night in! If you're planning a night in, check out our blue decoration package.

38. Bach Camping

Book a weekend off and go camping! What better way to celebrate your bachelorette party than outdoors! Check out some hotspots on Airbnb, preferably by the lake! Get some food, snacks, drinks and go out to the campsite! Don't forget the marshmallows!

39. Girls vs Boys

Instead of hosting separate bachelorette and bachelor parties, combine the two and host one big party! Check out our decoration section, our games section and our scavenger section! Make it exciting! Boys vs Girls, the loser has to do ____________. I'll leave that up to you!

40. Paint Balling

Paintballing is a new and unique sport that has really picked up! A lot of paintballing companies cater to birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties! Go to a local thrift store and buy some old ratty clothes and wear them to the event! Ask for a photographer to be there as well but make sure he is seen! Leave enough time for the wedding in order for your bruises to heal!

41. Drag Shows

Drag shows are a classic and popular event for bachelorette along with wine tasting! They're filled with entertainment and laughter! If it's clear that you're there for a bachelorette party, you'll get special attention so make sure you're dressed or the occasion! It's going to be a naughty night!

42. Spin Class

The wedding is around the corner and you and the girls want to look good for the wedding. Start your fitness goals on the right foot by hosting your bachelorette party with a spin glass! 

43. Pole Dancing

Continue the fitness theme and go learn a new skill such as pole dancing! Pole dancing is fun and sexy! It's easy to learn and many pole studios offer bachelorette party packages that include private classes!

44. Karaoke Night

You always sing in the shower, now go sing at the bar! Karaoke is a popular bachelorette party activity! Head out to the local pub and serenade the bride with all her favorite songs!

45. Comedy Club

Looking to get just laugh and relax? Get out to the local comedy club! They're popular bachelorette hot spots! Many of them offer packages and if you give them advance notice, you'll definitely get some shutouts!

46. Attend a Concert

Is Justin Timberlake coming in town? Check to see which big singer is coming to down and buy tickets for you and the girls! Dress up for the occasion as well with your sashes and tiaras!

47. Shooting Range 

Planning a wedding is hard work! It's frustrating at times! What better way to take out the anger than go to the local shooting range, especially if you're living in America! Make it a game and see who has the best shot!

48. Go On a Cruise

Go on a cruise! Cruises are actually a lot of fun, especially if the cruise is stopping at some beautiful Caribbean beaches! If so, don't forget our bachelorette beach bach items! 

49. Disneyland

A classic bachelorette theme is to visit Disneyland! We have whole write up on Bachelorette in Orlando! Get matching ears and shirts and take pictures with all your favorite Disney princesses! Don't forget your accessories!

50. Ski Resort

For all you winter bunnies, visit a ski resort for the weekend! You'll get exercise, bond with your bridemaids and get a chance to relax before the wedding! After a day of skiing, don't forget to have some hot chocolate and play some games or a scavenger hunt!

51. Go Golfing

What better way to spend a hot summer day than go golfing! Research some great country clubs around your area, give them a call and see if they have any bachelorette packages. The more people you bring the lower the rates! After a day of golfing, grab some dinner with the girls to wrap it up! Don't forget your khakis and polos for this trip!