About Us

Welcome to the Final Flamingle! This website came to fruition in the summer of 2018 when we were planning for the bachelorette party for one of our friends. I found it pretty difficult and overwhelming to plan for the bachelorette party. I kept searching the internet to find a site that had everything I needed all it one place but I couldn't.

Through the creation of this site, we hope to exceed the expectation of savvy bridesmaids, hosts and hostesses alike by offering elegant and fun supplies for the ultimate Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower. We have everything you may need, from rhinestones tiaras to naughty willie vanilli accessories.

We know how expensive weddings are and we understand how your time and hard earned money are hard to come by. We've done our best to partner up with our wholesale partners in order to make your buying experience as painless and easy as possible!  We know what it's like to search dozen of different stores and still not be able to come across what you're looking for! We hope by browsing this website, you will be able to find everything you need. Our items are shipped free directly from our suppliers which is why we're able to offer you such low costs! The only thing to keep in mind is that they take 2-3 weeks to arrive so please keep that in mind before ordering!  In addition to helping you plan your bachelorette party, we like to think ahead. Don't forget to browse our Custom Wedding Request section and see if there is anyway, we can help  you save on your wedding!

Thanks for visiting Final Flamingle and be sure to recommend us to all of your friends. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at finalflamingle@gmail.com